Yacht charter South Sardinia

the South of Sardinia, is undoubtedly less beaten and frequented the North, even the mistral wind is warmer and wraps you like a big hair dryer! Without being suffocating! The landscape is completely different, much more wild, full of wide and white beaches, many less boats, zero crowding, all leave room for large deserted bays, sand dunes and fishing villages, such as the beautiful and enchanting Carloforte.

Yacht charter charter Cagliari

By renting the yacht Prime Yacht for a charter in the South of Sardinia you can admire wild landscapes without being surrounded by the myriad of typical North-coast boats. An incredible blue sea that contrasts with memorable fiery sunsets that delineate the mountains of the coast. With the warm Mistral you will be flooded by the scent of myrtle and juniper, We will sail from the Gulf of Cagliari with a stop in this beautiful city, visiting its old villages as if time had stopped.


Yacht charter Villasimius

Villasimius, located in the most southerly point of Sardinia, is an important tourist destination famous for its white beaches and crystal clear waters, incredible white sand dunes on which undisturbed pink flamingos walk. Villasimius is also very lively at night, with a great variety of bars and restaurants where you can taste traditional cuisine. Villasimius has a comfortable and large port well served where you can provide the galley of the yacht. Normally you are still in front of the Campulongu beach well sheltered from the Mistral, if you move a little to the North you will have wild scenery full of pines and eucalyptus pines.


Charter Pula and Baia Chia and Cala Zafferano

Moving to the east of Cagliari, we find the bay of Nora, where we will moor in front of the ancient Roman ruins. Always well sheltered from the Mistral you sail up to the white dunes of Chia, bays that open one after the other. Tuerreda Bay, with a beach of fine white sand and Mediterranean vegetation. Not to be missed is Cala Zafferano with crystal clear sea, white breezes and the ever-present myrtle and juniper. Finally, before arriving at CarloForte, we can not miss the harbor of Porto Pino, with its long pristine beach of fine sand surrounded by pine trees.

The pearl of South Sardinia Carlo Forte

Carlo Forte is unique in its kind! Located on the island of San Pietro, is the destination of the entire cruise to the south of Sardinia! Its village with all the colorful houses, full of restaurants and shops selling souvenirs and tins of tuna and bottarga. Its fixed Tonnara that recalls scenes from another era, with photos of huge tuna .. and fishing scenes. The port is large and full of services.

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